"What am I doing?"

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This is my morning...cup of coffee, open computer, and my notes. I was never an early riser. This is new. What is getting me out of bed in the mornings? The fact that I am a business owner. The fact that I am making a change. The fact that I am going to lead by example and help others make a change for themselves. For the past several months I have been wanting more for my health. I know what works for me and the life I want to live...and yet I wasn't. I was living a life bound by expectations and never reaching full contentment. I was too "big" or too "fat" to possibly be considered healthy or fit. I don't "look" like I know what I am talking about, why would people listen to me? But, I have been waking up with a sense of accomplishment and drive lately. I am doing the thing...thanks to Melissa Hartwig. I am seeing things for more than just the physical. I am digesting the changes that my body is making, and feeling happier with who, and where I am in life.

This morning I woke up to some very happy news, its official, I am on the WHOLE30 Coaches page! What a surreal moment to see my picture on the website. My first thought was fueled by excitement. I did it! I finally did it! Then, a feeling that is all too familiar started to rear its ugly head. "What am I doing? I am not physically where I need to be, people can't see me like this!" Wait...what? How can I be so down on myself when something so great has happened? You see, even as a coach, I will always have work to do. I am a recovering sugar and carb addict that loves to bake! Of course, this path to Food Freedom is going to be a lot of work. But that's just it, I know EXACTLY how it feels to struggle and to cycle through diets looking for a quick solution. Going through all of this and knowing the real struggles that many people suffer through, is exactly why I am here today, to live a whole life. So, I asked myself again, "What am I doing?" The answer this time is much simpler, I am taking the steps to food freedom and practicing whole life living.

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